Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Our God is fighting for us always

I've been missing home bad lately, and my dad sent me this song that is changing my life everyday....

Open up our eyes by Elevation Worship (I encourage you to listen!)

It's really got me thinking....
"Our God is fighting for us always, our God is fighting for us all"
Brings me to tears every time! I feel as though my heart could burst at the sudden overwhelming feeling that He is most absolutely fighting along side me!
I have said often lately that our life is headed somewhere huge, we can see the big open gorgeous feild full of beauty and relaxation and everything we've ever dreamed we'd do for the Lord- but when we look down we see that we're in quicksand and we're just peddling as fast as we can to stay a step ahead and keep on fighting. He is FIGHTING FOR ME! He is right there next to me kicking His legs saying " you CAN do this Kaylee FIGHT!" and I am encouraged enough to kick a little harder!
Where are you in your life? Are you stuck in the quicksand knowing you were made for more but you just CANNOT find that place you fit? Kick KICK KICK! He is right there with you kicking all the way.

" Greater is the One who's in us, greater is the One who calls our name. Stronger is the one within us, stronger is the one who fights for us HE WILL NEVER FAIL!"
You have HIM fighting for you and even when you fail He WILL NOT! It goes directly against His character to give up on you! So what are you afraid of? What are you desperately feeling alone for? What are you striving for but just cannot make headway? HE IS FIGHTING FOR YOU! HE WILL NOT FAIL AT FIGHTING FOR YOU! You keep your head up and trust in the Lord and He alone and He will NOT fail you! Your God is a MIGHTY God! Tread that water, hang on to that rope, start digging a set of stairs into the wall of your hole, wherever you are start FIGHTING. The devil can only get a grip on us when we STOP FIGHTING. God will fight for you even when you cannot but His grace can only be applied to you when you come and sit as His feet and ask His help. Like the prodigal son, the Lord waits for us to return from our mess and He will welcome us home with open arms, the fatted calf, His best because He has waited long hours for our return and He NEVER stopped fighting!

Let it go guys, Fight with the Lord but let go of the fear, anxiety and worry- it has ruled your life long enough! He can do a miracle through you- just hang on and push forward, dream big and GO GET IT DONE! We live ONE life, and we focus on tomorrow- but what we have is TODAY always today... You fight through today and know you are never alone......