Friday, December 16, 2011

All Natural

There are so many things we have been changing around the Miller house to make them more natural, the way God made them. Over a year ago, when Brynlee was a tiny baby, i switched to using Cloth Diapers to avoid all of the chemicals, the cost of disposables (which costs around $2500 per kid), and since we live in a rural area, the convenience of having them always here, where i couldn't run out (done that before!). We have also switched to a home made deodorant that my mom made for us using coconut oil, we buy all natural soaps from Apple Valley Soaps that make your hair feel FABULOUS! Just recently we cleaned out our cupboards and went to all organic, and are doing a short stage using the Engine 2 diet, which is a plant based, all organic, mostly Vegan diet.
I also hold a very strong opinion about Vaccinations as they have been changed in recent years to include aluminum and other junk i do not wish put into my children's bodies. I got my information and studies from dr.tenpenny (google it) or has a lot of the same information. In fact, i don't even take my children to the Dr. unless they are sick. In my experience, when you deny their "advice" and stick to your guns, you spend over an hour listening to a Dr. sigh because they believe you are endangering your child's health. Can i just ask the obvious question... Do Dr.'s really know what's in the vaccines they push? NO. They push them because that's where the money comes from, but Dr.'s are not studied in alternative medicine as far as remedies, so would they really know what's in those shots? Don't even get me started on prescription drugs and nutrition. I couldn't believe when i read the other day that an MD is only required to have 1 short course of Nutrition! Even though Nutrition can prevent and cure a majority of the diseases that face our culture today, including Obesity, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Hormone issues and MANY more. That is one of the reasons why I am studying to be a Holistic Health Practitioner. I am passionate about alternative medicine and getting rid of reliance on pharmaceuticals.
A couple months ago Lucy got Pink eye and i found that getting a green tea bag a little wet and pressing it on her eye takes away the inflammation and the itching. If done regularly, this is an effective treatment for pinkeye, no medication needed, you probably have it in your cupboard, and its cheap! AND it does NOT burn like the medication they give you at the office. Have you ever tried to hold down a three year old and put 2-3 burning drops into both of their eyes twice a day? It requires at least two full grown people, the windows closed so your neighbors don't call the police, and a super calloused heart. Can't say i've ever heard screams like that, so i'll stick with the green tea thank you very much!
My dad has a little bursitis in a few of his muscles from years of basketball and old injuries and i found in one of my books that taking turmeric is as effective as anti inflammatory drugs that the Dr. prescribes only has NONE of the side effects.
One of my goals in getting this blog started is to share all of the ways we're turning our home into a more natural, self-sustaining atmosphere for our children to be raised in. We are also very passionate about being prepared for anything and I'll share with you a few of the ways we've prepared for natural disasters as well as any other kind of disaster that could befall our area.
It's incredibly empowering to take the reigns in our own home and transform our "need" for help into self sufficiency. I am confident that no matter what happens we have done the best to protect our children and raise them with the knowledge that not everyone has their best interest at heart like we do. So many industries are all about money, and i don't want my children to suffer or get diseases, be sterile or any such possibility because of it!


  1. I love this Kaylee and thank you for sharing <3 We too have made moves toward increasing our self sustainability and decreasing our general consumption. I am so excited to hear of you pursuing your degree and god has blessed you with such a heart for people that I know you will excel. I will continue to read and enjoy. Love you

  2. Kales! So interested in this...and I'm sure will enjoy following you on this journey and taking notes! :)

  3. thanks kaylee! you've provided me with alot of info that I need, cuz when I have kids, I really don't wanna get them vaccinated and i appreciate that you are learning about this stuff.