Tuesday, April 24, 2012

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Okay- so i may have sidelined my blog for a while- tangents are impossible to avoid in my head and apparently in my blogs as well! So... thus brings me to our next step toward total organic eating. In a small town it can work out one of two ways- either your grocery stores only have a tiny organic section and you don't have a lot of places to get stuff, but you can go to people you know who milk their own cows and goats, sell at the farmers market, or there is a town co-op you can order through. The other is probably that you live in a bigger city with natural food stores or larger organic sections in your Dillons or Fred Meyer. We have found an incredible co-op that probably also delivers to your state and possibly town- called Azure Standard. This co-op is based out of Oregon, my home state, and sells all organic natural foods. We have begun ordering almost all of our groceries from them and LOVE it! They deliver once a month and through co-op you don't have to pay shipping as long as your drop point makes the minimum(550 total, each order of 50). There are lots of co-ops out there, you just have to delve into some culture first to find out who knows about them! Our next step, as i prefaced, was picking up six little chicklets yesterday! They are SO cute! We have two black ones and four yellow ones that will be red when they are grown. They are just over a week old and live in my utility room in a red rubbermaid box under a heat lamp. Messy little buggers too! The girls love them! We already decided on names, because Bryce and I share a bizarre sense of humor- we have named the black ones Aunt Jemima and Mrs. Butterworth. Our red ones are named Myrtle, Gertrude, Ethel and Hortense. I know but old clucky hens needed older lady names, they're the only ones that fit! haha I know, i know you're wondering how weird we are... just don't ask, you may not want to know! Anyway, we figure in 9-12 months these organic fed little ladies will produce us about an egg a day each! Big brown beautiful organic eggs. If you've ever had one, you KNOW you cannot get an egg so good anywhere else! We decided we will keep them here but if family wants to put money in for food we will share eggs. Just an idea! Also i have stumbled onto a very rich and delicious food that the girls actually love! About a month ago my mom made us a snack out in the sunshine of apples and dates, they were SO good! When you eat a date and a slice of organic apple together- it tastes like caramel apples! My husband says I have a terrible sweet tooth, so finding something that's actually healthy and tastes sweet is perfect for me. My kids like them too, so I'll just keep them around. They are packed with fiber, iron, oil, calcium, sulphur, potassium, phosphorus, manganese, magnesium and copper. Dates help in fighting a lot health problems. So try one:) We did a fast a couple weeks ago for Easter, I did a partial juice fast since i am still breastfeeding Avery, but ate only organic food and all natural juices we made ourselves with our masticating juicer (does TONS of things, will make pasta, nut butters, juices, grinds coffee beans or food, and will mill flour from grains). We broke our fast with organic foods as a church body Saturday night, but through that cleansing and commitment to eat so well I noticed that after that each time i have eaten food at a restaurant or anything that was GMO or not organic i got really sick! So it's amazing what an incredible change it does on your body. I feel so much more energized, my body has put on muscle much faster during resistance training and I don't have as many stomach problems from eating junk. I suppose that's all for today, but i must include this snippet of conversation i observed while writing this, all i can say is like mother like daughter.... I overheard Lucy while wearing just her panties standing on the couch swinging a cup around at a microscopic spider say this... "Dang it spider, i wasn't trying to hurt you, i was trying to kill you! You need to die, why cant i kill you, i need TO KILL IT, he's climbing quick, i have to kill it, oh no its running, i didn't mean to kill you, i want to kill you spider. Mom i meant to kill it but it didn't hear me! I want it OUT of the house, i'm gonna kill it RIGHT now. If he's gonna climb the wall i'm gonna nail him, oh no! I want him to die! i DONT WANT THE SPIDER TO HURT ME. Up spider up up up. Spider, up up find the mommy spider quick " all while weilding a cup that she keeps smacking into the wall... Finally i decided to put her out of her misery, "Lu do you want me to kill it for you?" And so i did and she felt much better, made me promise we'd never let one in the house again! Have a great day!

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