Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cloth diapers... just the beginning

Our girls seem to have all gotten a cold in the last couple of days. For me this means that Brynlee is awake most of the night because she, like me, can only sleep breathing through her nose. I felt so bad for her, and for Lucy since she kept waking her up, that at 2 am she ended up in our bed with me. Bryce has been working nights and thus was not home at the time. Somewhere in that time frame i was laying there unable to sleep, going through my various procedures in my head of all the "what if's," and suffice it to say i decided if anyone tries to raid my house they are literally dead meat. We have an artillery in our bedroom and i know how to use all of it. Anyways, it just amazes me to think that we're really living this life!
I remember back before i went the Honor Academy I was laying in my bed in my apartment at College doing much the same thing as last night- thinking what i'd do if someone broke in, dreaming about who i'd marry, what our children would look like, what it would feel like to hold my own child. Now i am living that incredible dream and it's been far better than i could have imagined! Bryce and I have been together for five years now, had children for 40 months of that, and i am so grateful!
Children really do each have their own personality. Lucy has been running around today saying that she's marrying her horse (he's a rody- a rubber bouncy horse) and dancing with him. All the while Brynlee is walking around waiting for the perfect moment to take her toys and run off with them knowing she can make her flip out instantly. Then, of all things, the little stinker just laughs! Avery spends a majority of her time smiling-much more than the other two did at that age. We are having a lot of fun raising them, though i know i'm not alone in feeling like i might lose it sometimes being here alone with them all the time!
Over a year ago i started thinking about cloth diapering. Brynlee was a few months old and i really hated having to plan ahead how many diapers i had and coordinate how many boxes i needed between grocery store visits (we live in rural area)and a friend of mine had done it and loved it.
First of all- you don't have to buy cloth wipes, they are So expensive and not any different then making your own or buying baby wash cloths from Wal Mart. I bought a little spray bottle and filled it with water, then when i changed her i'd just spray the wash cloth and use that! Then you don't have to separate wipes and diapers before washing. I've washed disposable wipes before on accident, it's annoying.
Also- being in a small area, we don't have fancy soaps specifically for cloth diapering. I have used all free and clear and it has worked just fine for us. They still absorb just fine. My wash cycle is preset on my washing machine for Hot, Cold, Extra cold rinse. Some suggest to do more cycles than this, but that routine has worked great for us and doesn't take very long. Every few washes or so i'll add a capful or so of bleach to the load just to help keep out smells and stains.
My dad explained to me a while ago that your washing machine doesn't cost a bunch of extra money to run because it doesn't use as much power. However- the drier does! So when you buy diapers keep the drying time in mind. If you buy All in one diapers you will likely need to dry them extra long and use more power, or more time hang drying.
I think i'll end my cloth diapering there for now and pick it up in my next blog describing all my specific favorites and all the pros and cons of different types of cloth. Keep in mind you can cloth diaper your baby from birth to potty training for under a hundred dollars! This will save you a TON of money as each kid goes through over $2500 in disposables by the time they're done!

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