Saturday, January 7, 2012

Up all night

Which reminds me... Has anyone seen that new show? I tried to watch one episode and found my personal experience of giving birth nothing like hers. Having Avery was actually quite incredible, yes difficult, mind you, but it was perfectly what i wanted! Bryce's parents made it in time, Becky was here to make sure i didn't go in before necessary and everyone kept me sane and excited. The only thing i was hoping to avoid was her being born on my niece Ellie's birthday, which she was, eleven minutes past her exact time the year before!
Anyway, now that Avery is almost two months old... Well we're still up for hours every night which is truly exhausting when i still have to wake up and take care of all three of them, all under the age of 3! I love them so much though, i'd never change this wonderful gift I've been given of staying home to raise them.
Bryce's family got to be here for two weeks during Christmas, and it was really an amazing visit! Since they left... I'd just say it's fascinating and sad to see how each child deals with that grief differently. Lucy has been acting out a lot lately and finally her dad got to the bottom of it. She's afraid they'll never come back and she'll miss them forever- truly her words! She said it through sobs and her dads wet shoulder. Brynlee has been really clingy following me around pulling my pant leg sayin "mama" in a really sad voice. They had some really incredible quality time.
I suppose i should jump off early as Avery just seriously EXPLODED her diaper on my lap (luckily it hasnt leaked... yet) I've got my list of cloth diaper stuff coming soon!

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