Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cloth Diapers...Information overload!

Sometimes i SERIOUSLY cannot stop laughing listening to him play with our girls. The man is hilarious! Currently he and Lucy are "playing animals" and he is playing with a green triceretops he has named "tremble"(because he's continuously saying "tremble before me") and is using his best nasally British Forest Gump accent narrating everything he's doing. If you can picture it! He then goes between his "tremble" accent and the snake he's named "steven" who has a terrible lisp and imitates the honey badger video on youtube... oh my goodness it's a sight to behold for sure! He is now flying Brynlee around like a jet plane, which is forcing adorable baby girls giggles out of her! Our little adventure girl!

Oh the entertainment at my house! I have to hide stuffed animals from Lucy right now because her collection of ones that MUST sleep with her expands by the hour! Its a little difficult to keep track of all of them and somehow, in the dark of night, she will yell from her room every single one that's missing, how she knows? I have no idea! She cant SEE them!

I am ordering another set of cloth diapers today! it's safe to say i'm addicted! :) They're SO adorable! All of my cloth has been purchased from two different websites:
www.cottonbabies.com and www.nickisdiapers.com
The order i just placed is from nicki's. Nicki's carries the "best bottom" diaper, which is a wipe-able cover, snap in insert so it wont move around, and one size-so it's adjustable from birth to potty training!
My guide to diaper buying would be this: If you want to only purchase diapers once-the most economical and easiest fitting way is to only get "one size" diapers. I also recommend pocket diapers, or covers with a number of different insert possibilities. You can get "all in one" diapers, but these take more time drying and have to be tossed in the washer immediately, thus meaning you need to buy a lot of them and they're more expensive.
I have purchased a LOT of different kinds in completely different price points. The pocket diapers that are lined in Fleece are my favorite because they keep moisture away from the skin and solids are really easy to get off of them when baby gets older. I also prefer snap closures as i've found the hook and loop tend to wear a lot faster and also my kids started to pull them off even under their clothes! I have done Pre-folds with Snappi's and LOVE them. My only complaint being that baby can feel the wetness faster-but you can buy a roll of 5 fleece liners from cotton babies to lay on top of these as well to help with that. They are definitely affordable and awesome burp and cleaning cloths as well! You can use any cover with these- my personal favorites being the "flip" brand from cottonbabies.
I have two different brands of "pocket" diapers and like them both a lot for different reasons! I have "Sunbaby" which are actually made in China and thus are very inexpensive. They are narrower diapers, have an extra leg snap for tightness, have fleece lining and very cute prints! I paid $66 for 12 of them! They are great but after a year of usage i do tend to get more leaks. I only use these during the day and are great for newborns as you change them all the time! The other brand of pockets i have are the BumGenius 4.0 one size. These i LOVE because they DO NOT leak! They are wider, a little more expensive but are an American company with some of the product coming from Egypt. They come with two soakers, a one size (snaps down three sizes or all the way out for large) and a newborn small one. I double these together for an all night diaper. I only wish i had the snap version instead of hook and loop!
I also have a random set of Bummis super whisper wraps when i bought a "try it" kit to see if i liked it. These came with 2 small size covers (only fit up to like 6 or 8 months) and 6 unbleached pre-folds and a Snappi.You can get all of this stuff in all organic but mine are not. If you're not sure how to wrap a prefold around a baby I have read lots of blogs and videos on how to do this, easy enough to figure out! It seems like different wraps work best for different kids. I use the traditional one with my girls.
I suggest when looking for the best deal- get covers you can wipe out, a mixture of inserts of any brand and cost and a snappi and you can make anything work! You don't even have to snappi the prefolds, you can fold them in thirds and lay them inside your cover.
You can make your own wipes by cutting flannel into squares, easy enough!
For those of you who don't like the idea of cleaning poop out of diapers (for breastfed babies you don't have to do ANYTHING, just toss them in the pail and wash as is!) When they're older and have solid poop it will generally come off on its own, but they do sell sprayers that attach to your toilet that make it easier, or little spatula things, or even a biodegradable flushable liner that you can buy and lay inside the diapaer, that way it all comes out without any touching. None of it freaks me out after three kids and numerous poop in the tub, the floor, and the panties experiences with Lucy and Bryn.
For traveling they have hybrids- meaning you can use a disposable insert with your cover as well. I have used those as the "Flip" system has this option and they work pretty well. Also you can get a small size "wet bag" to keep in your diaper bag so that it wont smell everything up or get it wet, these bags can be tossed into your load on laundry day. I've never messed with purchasing a "diaper pail" and all that, i just use a sterilite storage container from Wal Mart with a snap on lid and keep it on my drier. It never smells back there and has never bothered me!
I just read about a great wash cycle aid for smells and such today as well- using 3 tablespoons BAC-out and 3 Tablespoons detergent in a soak for a couple hours once a month on wash day, then just add an extra rinse. I bought some Country Save detergent from a local health and organic food co-op we have here in town (if you can find one of these, through church or health food store- JOIN! This one is incredible and we are LOVING it!).
So there's my pretty complete list. It's a LOT of information but i put it ALL down so you can refer back if you have any questions. I've tried a lot of different stuff but the easiest set i have is the wipe out covers and different inserts!

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