Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home bout "one who balances the world" can we change it?

If you don't have kids, you're seriously missing out on some incredible entertainment! Albeit expensive, it is fascinating to watch how quickly a child can demolish the order you may have assumed you could keep. I've decided it doesn't matter how many times i say "please excuse the mess" my company will probably never know that i had it spotless THAT morning, but two busy little ones later it looks like a hurricane came through. We call her Brynlee;)
I know a lot of people think being a "home maker" sounds like you sit around eating ice cream and gaining weight (only once a week) while your kids run around screaming and you yell at them to shut up while the you watch Law and Order. I promise, this is NOT what happens! Well i suppose those people may be out there, but if you want to stay sane and spend time teaching your kids and keeping your home clean you actually don't get more than five minutes to sit the whole day! I know i had more time to sit working at the bank than i do here. Between keeping accounts balanced, paying bills, checking the mail, doing the dishes and laundry (neither EVER end) cleaning up toys, feeding three children and sometimes i catch a meal a day, keeping groceries in the house and attempting to teach my kids a little "school" I barely have time to breathe! I honestly think breastfeeding allows me those few minutes where i have to say no, though i have at times been known to do this walking around and feeding other kids, pulling them out of high chairs one armed- come on don't pretend you wouldn't do this! If you can't believe what i'm saying, you must be the mother of only one child. When there are two or more, well then i'd like to see how well it works for you:)
I spend the day listening to stories of the ball, random naming of animals that all end in "Eni" like Seni, eni, lenny... And her valentine balloon named "ballelini" whom i have to tell goodbye and hello six times a minute. During these bouts of fascinating conversation i hear " Mom WHAT is that smell! FLEX you tooted!" yes our dog seems to crop dust every time he turns. Brynlee gets into EVERYTHING. I have caught her three or four times dunking her head into the dog water. Presently she loves to engage in conversation with words that make a tiny bit of sense mixed in with a lot of made up ones. I have to ask her "Do you want to get in trouble?" all the time, to which she answers "Newwww." I went to get a kitchen towel today and she had emptied the entire drawer onto the floor of their bedroom.
Siblings are interesting, and i'm delighted to get to watch them grow up. But to all of you who think being a "stay at home mom" sounds simple- think again. It may be rewarding, and wonderful, but it's certainly not a job i would describe as "easy!"

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  1. hahahahahahaha....omg, those little bundles of energy make me LAUGH!!!!!!